all about me

Reading has always been a love of mine. I enjoy nothing more than getting lost in the world of a great book and some of my childhood memories involve researching topics in the local library and having to go to a different classroom to find books I hadn't read yet!

As a Mum to 3 children and a Primary School Teacher for 17 years, it has always been my desire to ignite this passion for reading in my own children and those I work with.

My family would tell you that I was born a teacher, so it was no surprise to them that I studied English Language at University and immediately trained to teach. My career has centred around the Early Years and Key Stage 1 (up to 7), although my most recent position as a Deputy Headteacher in London spanned the whole primary range.

Within the first few years of school comes the privilege of leading phonics, teaching children to read and reading stories to them, which I believe instills a lifelong love of reading when it is delivered with skill and enthusiasm. Alongside this, working with parents to enable them to support their children with reading at home has always been a focus.

Reading Unravelled was created whilst on my third maternity leave, with the aim of using my years of expertise in phonics and reading to give parents guidance and confidence to support their children to become avid readers.